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M40 Colonoscope Training Model
M43B Lumbar Puncture Simulator II 
M43D Pediatric Lumbar Puncture Simulator II
M44 Visual Tactile Breast Examination Simulator
M53B Prostate Examination Simulator
M55 Physical Assessment Simulator "Physiko"
M57 Suture Evaluation Simulator
M58 Newborn Vital Signs Examination Simulator II
M66 Medical Foot Care Model
M81-S Lung Sound Auscultation Trainer "LSAT"
M82 Eye Examination Simulator
M82A Eye Examination Simulator II
M84-S Cardiology Patient Simulator "K"
M8481-S Simulator "K" Plus System
M87 Strap-On Venipuncture Trainer
M92 Digital Rectal Examination Simulator
M93-UB CVC Insertion Simulator II
M94 Intradermal Injection Training Simulator
M95 Pediatric IV Hand
M99 Arterial Puncture Wrist
MW1 Pitting Edema Model
MW3 Epidural Anesthesia Simulator
MW9 Peripheral Venous Catheter Simulator
MW12 Ear Examination Simulator II
MW13 Difficult Airway Management Training Model
MW36 Basic Patient Care Simulator "Keiko"
pdf_icon Product Catalog
PH-1 Multipurpose Chest Phantom N1 "LUNGMAN"
PH-2 Whole Body Phantom PBU-50
PH-2B CT Whole Body Phantom PBU-60
PH-3 Angiographic CT Head Phantom
PH-4 CT Torso Phantom CTU-41
PH-5 CT Abdomen Phantom
pdf_icon Product Manual
PH-8 Lung Cancer Screening CT Phantom
pdf_icon Product Manual
US-1B Ultrasound Examination Model "ABDFAN" set
US-2 Ultrasound Quality Assurance Phantoms
US-3 Abdominal Ultrasound Phantom "IOUSFAN"
US-5 FAST/Acute Abdomen Phantom "FAST/ER FAN"
US-6 Breast Ultrasound Examination Phantom "BREAST-FAN"
US-7B Fetus Ultrasound Phantom "SPACEFAN-ST"
US-9 Breast Biopsy Training Model

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