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PH-1C: Pediatric Chest Phantom

Imaging and dosimetry for radiosensitive 5-year-old

This Pediatric Chest Phantom is designed to find out optimal parameters and protocols to minimize radiation exposure to children.


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  • Two types of interchangeable lung inserts are available.
  • Pencil-shaped ion chamber for CTDI can be set in the mediastinum.
  • TLD or RPL dosimeters can be set in the thyroid block and the lung density insert.
  • Lung vascular inserts with pulmonary vessels provide life-like radiographs.
  •  Detachable internal structure allows insertion of variety of pathologies and targets.
  • Simulates a life-size chest of 5-year
  • Rib, clavicle, spine, mediastinum, scapula, sternum and pulmonary vessel

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