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New! MW43 Abdominal Assessment Model


This model was mainly designed for abdominal assessment for OSCE. 
Our model MW43 offers advanced abdominal assessment training with new developed skins. The trainees can get experience to touch abnormal organs. The feel of the organs and the skin are very close to the human body.

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Set includes:  
  • 2 kindneys(hydronephrosis, cysts)
  • 2 spleens (slightly enlarged, enlarged)
  • 4 livers (precirrhosis, cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, normal)
  • 2 inguinal lymph nodes (nomal, lymphoma)
  • 2 uterus (normal, fibroid)
  • Ausculation sound unit

*Specifications are subject to change.



  • Abdominal regions
  • Liver
  • Spleen
  • Renal bruit
  • Aortic bruit
  • Bowel sounds (normal, subileus)
  • Iliac artery bruit
  • Liver (normal /chronic hepatitis /cirrhosis)
  • Spleen (normal /slightly enlarged /enlarged )
  • Kidneys (normal / cysts/ hydronephrosis )
  • Inguinal area (normal /lymphoma)
  • Uterus (normal / fibroid)

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