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M43E: Ultrasound Lumbar Puncture Simulator

Item code: 11348-500

The Ultrasound Lumbar Puncture Simulator features the original M43B: Lumbar Puncture Simulator II with an additional feature of ultrasound compatibility. The ultrasound compatible puncture blocks are anatomically accurate and offers realistic scan image. Specialized skin covers may be marked by pen, and the model can be used in both upright and lateral positions.


Download Product Descriptions:

pdf_icon User Manual                    


Set includes:  
  • 1 lumbar region model
  • 1 ultrasound lumbar puncture/epidural block
  • 1 lumbar region skin cover
  • 2 lumbar region support bases
    • Upright position
    • Lateral position
  • 1 irrigator bag
  • 1 tube
  • 1 support base
  • 1 syringe
  • 1 storage case

*Specifications are subject to change.

  • 11348-190 Ultrasound lumbar puncture/epidural block
  • 11348-230 Ultrasound lumbar region skin cover

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