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M40: Colonoscope Training Model

Item code: 11361-000

Just as the human colon constantly changes its orientation in the abdomen, the Colonoscope Training Model provides varied cases while practicing proper colonoscope handling and techniques.


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  • The soft, flexible colon tube provides a life-like response to use of a colonoscope, in order to acquire skills such as preventing ""loops"" and straightening them to safely reach the caecum.
  • The colon tube can be made airtight, allowing for insufflation and suction.
  • The anal sphincter opening can be manipulated by a hand pump.
  • The training body may be oriented in either the left lateral, right lateral or supine positions.
  • Five different layout guides with six cases and a training guide book are included. The colon tube can be easily attached to the abdomen body according to each particular case to be studied.
  • Manual abdominal compression can be practiced by using the supplied skin cover.
  • Newly developed lubricant gels (included) provide for smooth colonoscope manipulation as well as reduced wear of the colon tube.
  • The colon tube is detachable and easy to clean with just water.
  • Replacement colon tubes are available as needed.

Primary Level

Case 1: Introductory Level 1
Case 2: Introductory Level 2
Case 3: Straighten out the "Alpha" loop
Secondary Level
Case 4: Redundant sigmoid colon
Case 5: Redundant sigmoid colon and "Alpha" loop formation
Advanced Level
Case 6: "Reverse alpha" loop formation

  • 11361-010: Colon-rectum tube: colon tube, tube caps (one inner, one outer cap), anus plug
  • 11361-020: Anus unit: anus unit with air tube and air bulb
  • 11361-030: Colon fixture set: 5 type A fixtures, 10 type B fixtures, wrench, double clip
  • 11361-120: Colon layout guide: 5 sheets, (6 cases total), training guide leaflet
  • 11361-040: Concentrated lubricant packs: Blue packs for training model - 30 x 50ml each
  • 11361-050: Pink lubricant packs for endoscope - 30 x 20ml each



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