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What kind of patients do Kyoto Kagaku products simulate?

Kyoto Kagaku mannequins are created to simulate patients for various uses from routine examinations to specificl clinical skill applications. From newborns through adult patients, our products span widely in disciplines of nursing, medicine, X-Ray, ultrasound and computed tomography.

Where do you manufacture your products?

All Kyoto Kagaku products are manufactured in Kyoto, Japan. 

What materials are used to create Kyoto Kagaku simulators?

Majority of Kyoto Kagaku simulators are made out of polyurethane and vinyl chloride.

What materials are used to create Kyoto Kagaku phantoms? 

Kyoto Kagaku phantoms are usually made out of polyurethane resin, and bone structures are constructed out of epoxy resin. 

Do you loan demo products? 

Yes, please contact us for further information. 

Where can I see Kyoto Kagaku products on display?

  • We annually attend shows throughout the country. Please see Upcoming Events for further information. 
  • Visit us at our office in Los Angeles, California 
  • Contact a local distributor near your location

How can I learn more about Kyoto Kagaku products?

Additional resources on our products can be found on each product page or the Link Library.
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