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Product History

Anatomical Models

  • »1909 Shimadzu anatomical human model with muscles wins Gold Prize at the international exhibition in Alaska-Yukon Pacific Ocean
  • »1925 The educational scientific specimens division begins manufacture of anatomical models
  • »1930 Manufacture of wood-pulp fiber mannequins
  • »1943 Closed the factory due to World War II
  • »1948 Reopened the factory, resuming trade with the United States
  • »1954 Manufacture of resinous skeleton models
  • »1955 Manufacture of resinous anatomical models
  • »1964 Manufacture of anatomical special torso models
  • »1975 Development of transparent human anatomical models
  • »1978 Manufacture of "Bayer", anatomical heart models
  • »1992 Development of Junior Torso model for hands-on understanding
  • »2004 Development of soft anatomical upper and lower extremity models

Training Models

  • »1963 Kyoto Kagaku Co., LTD North America begins manufacturing newborn nursery care models
  • »1965 Manufacture of nursing models
  • »1966 Manufacture of training models for nursing
  • »1976 Manufacture of high spec nursing model "Keiko"
  • »1980 Development of the Breast Examination Model
  • »1990 Manufacture of female catheter simulators
  • »1991 Development of seamless manikin of newborn bathing and nursery care models
  • »1995 Development of the Simulator "K", a cardiology patient simulatorMW3_Epidural_Anesthesia_Simulator_Photo_1_(1)
  • »1999 Development of Multi-purpose nursing model "SAKURA"
  • »2000 Development of Lung Sounds Auscultation Trainer "LSAT"
  • »2001 Development of Simulator Intravenous Training Arm
  • »2003 Development of EYE Examination Simulator
  • »2004 Development of EAR Examination Simulator
  • »2005 Development of Central Venous Catheter Insertion Simulator with ultrasound method
  • »2006 Development of Lumbar Puncture Simulator
  • »2007 Development of "Physiko", a Physical Assessment Model

X-ray & Ultrasound Phantoms

  • »1967 Development of Stomach Phantom in partnership with Shimadzu Co.
  • »1982 Development of XUR* with the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI)
  • *raw material for X-ray phantoms, having the same X-ray transmission rate as the human body
  • »1986 Exhibition of new radiography phantoms for RSNA (Radiological Society of North America)
  • »1988 Development of various materials for X-ray phantoms (human lungs, bones and 3 muscle types) with the National Institute of Radiological Sciences
  • »1991 Development of CT QA Phantom JIS Z-4923
  • »1994 Development of Synthetic Bones & SPECT Phantoms JSP JI41900-030_ABDFAN_model_photo_(1)S Z-4922
  • »2001 Development of Multi-Slice CT Phantom
  • »2004 Development of Mammography Phantom Whole Body Phantom
  • »2004 Development of Ultrasound Examination Phantom
  • »2005 Development of Chest Phantom N1 "LUNGMAN"
  • »2006 Development of Angiographic Head Phantom ACS
  • »2008 Development of PBU-50/60
  • »2009 Development of FAST/ER FAN
  • »2010 Development of Breast Examination Phantom

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