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Kyoto Kagaku Co., LTD was established in post-war Japan in 1948 and originates from the Shimadzu Corporation, founded by Genzo Shimadzu Sr. in 1875 of the Meiji Period (1868-1912). During its initial stages, Kyoto Kagaku was heavily involved with the efforts of cultural heritage protection and successfully developed techniques to reproduce and maintain historical artifacts with synthetic material.
Since the production of our first synthetic manikin in 1930, Kyoto Kagaku products have been accepted worldwide and have contributed to all levels of scientific education, academic research and the rapidly expanding world of simulation. To meet the needs of educational equipment that effectively reveal the complexities of the human body, Kyoto Kagaku thrives to produce items that help present medical knowledge as a tangible and accessible resource. In doing so, creativity and craftsmanship are held at equal value in our facilities, and all of our simulators are carefully handcrafted to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail. In developing our models, we design each product to be compatible with various medical devices of the user for a realistic learning experience and are constantly incoporating new mechanics and ingredients to pursue state-of-the-art creations. As we continue to progress into a new generation of simulators such as our newly-developed evaluation models, we will continue to incorporate techniques of different fields to achieve the utmost product for medical education. 

Today, our business activities range from fundamental science education in secondary school education to specialized fields in higher education, especially medicine.

  • »1891 Shimadzu begins the manufacture of educational scientific specimens.
  • »1895 The educational scientific specimens division is established in Shimadzu Corp.
  • »1930 Development of wood-pulp fiber mannequins
  • »1944 Shimadzu factory is closed due to World War II
  • »1948 Kyoto Kagaku is established
  • »1954 Production of Buddhist statue replicas with synthetic resin
  • »1967 Commercial manufacture of resinous human skeleton models
  • »1982 Development of Stomach Phantom in partnership with Shimadzu Corp.
  • »1988 Development of XUR* with the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) *XUR: raw material for X-ray phantoms, having the same X-ray transmission rate as the human body
  • »1994 Developed variety of materials for X-ray phantoms (human lungs, bones and 3 muscle types)
  • »1995 Kyoto begins offering educational programs for foreign trainees as a part of the Japanese International Cultural Association (JICA) program
  • »2000 Development of Simulator "K", cardiology patient simulator, Certified ISO9001
  • »2003 "Simulator K" and "LSAT" US patents; "EYE " Examination Simulator JPN patent
  • »2009 The 43rd Good Company Grand Prize is awarded by The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Japan
  • »2010 New Headquarter and Factory Building Open in Kyoto Japan

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